Participation survey

January 17, 2022

Dear all,

We worked hard the past two years to offer you all great games, due to covid-19 it wasn’t that easy as there were lockdowns and restrictions. But the games and accomodations are organized and we are so ready to welcome you to Ostend in June!

Unfortunately after 2 years Covid-19 is still here and -at the moment- dominating in Europe. The only thing that’s important for us now is that everyone can feel safe at the games.

We are starting registrations soon, so we want to know how many interest there is to participate. It’s an easy way for us to know when registrations can open, we need a certain amount of participations to make it a successful games. Your participation is a great help for us and we do respect everyones opinion as we are in this together, as a transplant family.

You're welcome in Ostend, Belgium!

Ostend will be your host for the 19th European heart and lung transplant champignionships. At the 'City by the Sea', over five and a half miles of sandy beaches invites you to delightful sunbathing and a refreshing dip in the North Sea. You will be able to thoroughly enjoy sports and relaxation, strolling and shopping etc. ... Hope to see all of you in June 2022!